We specialise in waste-to-energy solutions.

Syntech ASB is a drop-in biofuel which delivers world-class GHG savings and meets the BS EN 14214 standard.

It is the most sustainable biofuel available in the UK due to the incredibly low carbon footprint of its feedstocks which are 100% used cooking oils from the UK.

Syntech uses only 100% UK sourced ISCC accredited feedstock to make its Advanced Smart Biofuel, Syntech ASB.


Every litre of fossil fuel we replace gives a GHG emissions reduction of up to 86%

Contributing to the environment.

Converting waste organic oils into biofuel allows them to be utilised to power vehicles, generate energy, and heat homes & commercial businesses.

We ensure that this important material is neither squandered or allowed to contaminate the environment by turning it into Syntech ASB.

We’re helping UK energy security with revolutionary renewable fuel technology.

Our agenda? Simple. To maintain our position as the UK's leading renewable synergy company by making 100% British sustainable biofuel, Syntech ASB, from organic waste material.


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